Find a student who doesn't have a mobile - and you have found someone quite unusual. The mobile handset is the one piece of technology that they have with them 24/7 - conducting their social lives through it, searching the web with it and consuming more and more media through it.


At Fonemedia, we have been helping Universities and Colleges to attract and engage with students from both the UK and overseas - delivering brand awareness and lead generation.

Targeted Mobile Display

Students are more receptive to mobile advertising than any other demographic group. Because they have grown up in an environment where mobile is the norm - they are more accepting of being pitched to via this method than anyone else.


Add this to some incredible targeting based on the end-user's behaviour and you have the ability to serve advertising to the right people in the right location. Unlike many other media providers, we don't use programmatic to serve advertising via mobile. In the education sector, brand security is of the utmost importance and using programmatic doesn't inspire us with the confidence to ensure that a client's advert is being seen on the right kind of site or app.


With that in mind, our focus is on a CPC model only - and with clear visibility on who is seeing the campaign and where they are seeing it.

Behavioural Push Notifications

Using a network of 12,000 apps across all sectors including news, sports, current affairs and games, we can send Behavioural Push Notifications to a wide audience using a range of targeting criteria.


Behavioural Push Notifications can include map locations, images and information about relevant opportunities.


Click through rates for Behavioural Push Notifications range from 5% to 35% depending on the nature of the campaign.

In-Game Advertising

With over 200 games to choose from, using In-Game Advertising is an incredibly powerful way to reach specific audiences through a wide range of different options.


The key audience of 16 to 25 year olds is the most prolific group of gamers, with many playing for over 1 hour every day. With that in mind, In-Game Advertising offers a branding opportunity that is unrivalled in terms of exposure and awareness. Add this to targeting based on Facebook and the power of In-Game Advertising is clear.


And with click through rates upwards of 5% in most cases, campaigns are proving to be highly effective.


Using the location element of mobile, we are able to identify individuals at a particular location and at a particular time and serve display advertising to them. This format of advertising is an ideal way to reach out to those people who are attending a competitor's open day. Right people, right place, right time.


We have been sending SMS for well over 20 years - almost 10 trillion per year.


It is the most effective media format, with an open rate over 98% and 90% of those read within three minutes of the message arriving.


Compare that to email - with an open rate of less than 15% and SMS begins to show how powerful it can be.


If you have a GDPR compliant database, we can help you deliver your SMS campaign effectively.


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