Why us?

Fonemedia is a team of positive innovators, working as the leading force in mobile advertising, whilst keeping our core company values at heart.


We apply our people-focused values and forward-thinking approach to every aspect of our work, utilising the best and latest mobile technology to deliver campaigns that exceed our client’s expectations.


Everyone here understands that there is a job to do and a role to play in our success, but they are also all very clear that in our eyes - family is more important than work.


We offer a very flexible working arrangement and we understand that from time to time, people need to be somewhere else. Their family is our family.


Added to flexibility and a work-life balance, we offer a very clear career path. Wherever possible we will promote from within and recruit for people to join the team at the bottom and work their way to the top.


Also, we're a nice bunch of people - which helps.


We have the following roles available - if you would like to apply for any position, please send your CV but more importantly, please send us a covering letter or paragraph about who you are. We're not looking for a 'Dear Sir / Madam' letter - inspire us with your creativity and thought.

Account Manager

We are looking for an experienced Account Manager from an agency background with knowledge of mobile marketing and media. This role encompasses the management of client accounts, research and analysis, production of client proposals and administration of bookings. Applicants should be proactive, positive, confident and detail focused to ensure accuracy in their work.

Our Core Values

We invest in our people:

• We believe that by creating a supportive culture, we deliver our best work

• We work collaboratively

• We treat each other with respect

• We maintain a positive attitude

• We value integrity, honesty and transparency in our relationships and our work

• We put our people first – we are a family

• We are client focused – we aspire to go over and above, to deliver results that impress.


We innovate:

• We strive to be the leading force in mobile advertising

• We are flexible and adapt quickly to change – as a small business in a fast moving, ever-changing industry this gives us an advantage over our competitors

• We are proactive

• We are creative

• We are responsive yet considered – we work quickly and intelligently

• We are forward thinking – we seek out new information to evolve and enhance our products, services and processes

• We have a bespoke approach – we use our experience and knowledge to perfectly pair the most suitable advertising format to our clients’ campaign brief

• We are disruptive – we don’t accept the status quo, if something can be improved, we explore that possibility.

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