Kay brings over 15 years of experience in business solutions, project management and account management to the Client Services team.

What I enjoy most about working at Fonemedia

At Fonemedia, everyone is treated and viewed as an equal, which makes for a refreshingly vibrant and happy environment. If you think something could be done better and would add value to the business, then that opinion is explored. But above all, the best thing about working at Fonemedia is the people. The family dynamic really rings true here, everyone is genuinely supportive and keen to see each other succeed.

Outside of the office, you will find me...

I love to learn and be creative. Some of my favourite things to do are spending time in the woods with my dog, exploring heritage sites, art galleries, painting and drawing. I also like to immerse myself in a fantasy novel and watch films.

I am a real free spirit, I love to meditate, practise a mindful lifestyle and try to help others in whatever way I can holistically. I am passionate about crystals, I am always learning about new ones. I am also part of a Girl Guide group, I especially enjoy spending time at camp with them.

Food and drink of choice

I have a love-hate relationship with food, as I am coeliac. However, I do love trying new foods. You can’t beat a good old fruit salad and Greek yoghurt with honey and nuts.

Favourite travel destination

I love to go home back to Scotland, particularly the west coast. I would challenge anyone to not fall in love with the beauty of it all. The islands are full of magical beauty, incredible history, amazing nature and landscapes that are second to none. I also like exploring new places all over the globe and experiencing new cultures.

Favourite film

I am a real nerd. The Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, Stars Wars, Star Trek, The Dark Tower. I love any film that has a sci fi fantasy twist and even better if fairies, werewolves or other fantastical beings are involved.

Favourite TV Show

I really couldn’t say just one so here goes... Star Trek, Shadow Hunters, For the People, Madam Secretary, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, SWAT. I love all things sci fi, adventure and documentaries.