The mobile phone has now become the most widely used way for people to begin the home-buying journey. We use our handsets to explore new developments, research the area and to make comparisons with other homes.


So for the Developers themselves, using mobile to engage with highly targeted audiences has driven some incredible results.

Working with a large number of developers around the UK, Fonemedia has the wealth of knowledge to create and deliver mobile campaigns which increase the number of people making enquiries about property developments.


We use almost every asset at our disposal to create campaigns that reach out to the right audiences both in terms of demographic / financial segments and geographical data.


There are a number of key products we use for this particular sector:


Using your Mobile DNA, we are able to serve advertising inventory to an incredibly targeted audience - delivering to the right people in the right place and at the right time.


Using a series of highly complex algorithms, we can reach audiences with clickable banner advertising - using demographic, behavioural and geographical criteria.


Using mobile for this format of advertising means that we are able to find the right people for your campaign and drive them to your landing page.


Cost-effective, targeted and accurate. Advertising doesn't get much better for this.


Snapshot ring-fences a location or a series of locations - and collects information of which handsets are there at a given time. By using this information we can serve advertising live to those devices - or we can use the information to re-target them at a later date, wherever they may go.


We can overlay this with the demographic, geographic and behavioural elements of Targeted Mobile Display advertising. We can also refine the target audience by their app-download behaviours.


Our platform uses a network of widely-used mobile apps combined with location services on the handset to deliver both live and legacy bursts.


With over 12,000 apps in the current network and with new ones planned to be introduced to the suite in the next 12 months, we can reach up to 20 million people across the UK and even more across the world.


The system is based on location, demographic and behavioural targeting - but with greater presence than many other formats of advertising.


We are also able to re-target people who have viewed or engaged with your original campaign.


Re-targeting reinforces your brand messaging and leads to increased return on investment for our clients.


Rich Media ads are interactive, users view the ads in various ways from rotating their phone to explore a 3D space to virtually scratching away one image to reveal another.


Using demographic, geographic and behavioural data we filter the people we serve your campaign to, and deliver the ad through our network of mobile optimised websites and apps.

To find out more, please contact us directly and we'll be delighted to put some ideas together for you.

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