Clearing is Far From Over

Post Clearing | What We Can Expect

There are still 100,000 students unplaced in Clearing. That’s a lot of opportunity for your institution Post-Clearing. The need to keep pushing through that message of available places and advertising is paramount.

Clearing isn’t over yet by any means – the power sits with students. They are in no rush to make their decisions, and they know it. So, make sure you are advertising and targeting those individuals to ensure they choose your institution.

From Results Day, 2,840 students were placed directly to Clearing, which is quite a drop from previous years. Opening up an opportunity for those who did not allocate all your student places. As we know many students come through later in the cycle, which will be even higher this year.

For those who still have a contingency budget left over, it is vital to hit Post Clearing advertising because of the number of students and high grades at play; channel it into your brand and fill those student openings through Clearing.

Clearing presents an opportunity for those who are questioning their options and looking for something better or who didn’t quite receive the results they needed. From Results Day, 2,840 students were placed directly to Clearing, which saw a decline on last year.

As mentioned, there are still 100,000 students left unplaced in Clearing. We know students come through later in the cycle, including mature students. The numbers of direct and mature applicants will continue to rise and possibly equal or surpass previous years.

An unprecedented number of students actively researched their options and took a measured approach, resulting in Clearing being less turbulent than previous years and relatively steady. Meaning that students were not in as much of a rush to make their decision.

With record-breaking numbers of students receiving A* and A grades, the competition was fierce to secure a place at the top-ranking institutions. As such, students looking to go through adjustment are still largely unplaced as courses filled up quickly on Results Day.


We can expect a lot more interest and activity to come with Post-Clearing – for many students, their decision is yet to be made. They’re prepared and informed and just waiting to make the right decision. Keep targeting and marketing to ensure they choose your institution.


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