Dmexco 2023 is the main Digital Marketing Expo in Europe with over 40,000 people attending each year. We’ve been lucky enough to attend for the last few years (Covid permitting) and this year’s event was as spectacular as all the others before. Last year there was a heavy focus on the Metaverse – with the main takeaway from the conference being that we all know we should be doing something in this arena, but nobody actually knows what to do or how to do it. This year, the main focus of Dmexco was AI and creativity.

There was a big emphasis across the board on AI and how it can help, from generating images and ad copy to using it to enhance targeting. Microsoft with their Bing/ChatGPT integration and then Google with their Google Bard are the two big players so far.

Adam Boakes, Technical Specialist at Fonemedia

As with the metaverse focus last year, the hot topic of AI gave a similar summary – that we know it’s coming, but nobody knows exactly what to do with it. That said, one key area where AI is prominent is in data analysis. We have been using AI as part of our data journey since the start of 2023 and it’s becoming more of a feature in what we do to make sure campaigns are running to their optimum levels and that we can interpret large amounts of data quickly and simply.

The main take away from Dmexco for Fonemedia was creativity. I know we’ve been creative since the time when humans discovered fire and the wheel, but in the world of digital marketing and mobile in particular, we came away with the opinion that success for digital campaigns is moving sharply towards the creative angle to enhance the already impressive data-led approach. And mobile is at the forefront of this change. By using key elements of the device such as touch screen, gyroscope and camera functions, mobile has the ability to now tap into the neuromarketing zone, measuring physical responses to campaigns such as smiles, frowns and laughter. All of these new functions enable our team to create campaigns the excite and engage the right audiences for the brands we work with.

And of course, with Dmexco being in Germany – the beer and bratwurst were amazing.

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