Introducing Behavioural Push 2.0

Behavioural Push has long been a fundamental aspect of our product portfolio. Despite the constant evolution of the mobile marketing industry, it has demonstrated its reliability and effectiveness through its consistent results for our clients.

But it’s time to give Behavioural Push an upgrade.

In fact, it’s getting several:

We are delighted to introduce and offer interest targeting in addition to age and gender targeting. This enhancement allows us to achieve a much more precise reach to specific audiences through our valued push notifications.

Behavioural Push has long been a client favourite, so to be able to bring in new targeting features is a big plus for us.

Kathryn Carlin- Managing Director

And that’s not all.

We can now offer retargeting on our Behavioural Push campaigns, providing the campaign has a sufficient budget and duration.

While effectively retargeting users within a 1, 2, or 3-day campaign can be challenging, our new and extended capabilities enable us to re-engage users who have expressed an interest in your ad for longer than this, bringing them closer to conversion.

If you’re interested in finding out what the upgraded Behavioural Push can do for your campaigns, get in touch with our Business Development Team!

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