Mobile Plus 2.0

If you’re a client of ours, you’ll more than likely be aware of Mobile Plus - one of our top performers. Arguably, Mobile Plus has been a key driver in achieving impressive results for client campaigns.

Here at Fonemedia, led by our Technical Specialist, the team constantly research, test and analyse the latest technological advancements in marketing to fine-tune our advertising formats and ensure continuous enhancement of campaigns and services.

‍Mobile Plus has recently been the focus of the Tech and Campaign Delivery team, who are proud to introduce pre-built audience modelling!

James Dalton, Founder and Chief Officer, Fonemedia

Pre-built audience models allow us to reach hyper-specific, relevant audiences to Mobile Plus campaigns, focusing exclusively on users who will be receptive to your ads.

Audience models will be available from the very start of your campaigns, so you can be assured that you’re reaching only your intended audience right from the initial impression.

And the best part? This is available at no extra cost.

As a result, you receive a higher quality product at the same price. Maximising the value of your investment!

If you want to learn what the upgraded Mobile Plus can do to improve your campaigns, contact our sales team!

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