A mobile phone is akin to a life support system and is one piece of technology that students have with them 24/7.

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Students use mobile to engage socially, share, surf, talk text, stream and consume more and more media.

Given the reliance on mobile for almost every activity in their lives, it makes perfect sense for educational organisations to tap into mobile media to attract and engage new students.

Students are more receptive to mobile advertising than any other demographic group because they have grown up in an environment where mobile is the norm - they are more accepting of being pitched to via this method than anyone else.

Click-through rates on mobile are x4 times those of traditional routes. Making it clear that mobile is the most effective route to deliver a more meaningful conversation with this key audience.

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Clearing is an integral time of year for our Education clients. If you are interested in our clearing packages, please contact our team, who can provide you with more information.

Each of our mobile advertising formats lends itself to education marketing via different targeting approaches. Our experienced team can guide you on the best approach for your campaign, as mobile marketing is best adapted on a case-by-case basis for the best results.

For Example:

Behavioural Push Notifications
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Visuals create an instant impact: that is why our clients often target potential students interested in further education with Behavioural Push Notifications, using a variety of imagery to test which performs best.

With students and young people spending on average 8 1/2 hours looking at their screens per day it is vital to stand out from the crowd when advertising to them.

Behavioural Push is non-intrusive and can be found on 12,000+ apps giving you more scope to reach the audience that you are trying to target with your ads.

Mobile Plus
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This format utilises the incredible targeting capability of Mobile DNA to serve display advertising to the right people in the right location.  

Unlike many other media providers, we don’t use programmatic to serve advertising via mobile.  

In the Education sector, brand security is of the utmost importance. Using programmatic doesn’t inspire us with the confidence to ensure that a client’s advert is being seen on the right site or app. 

With that in mind, our focus is on a CPC model only – and with clear visibility on who is seeing the campaign and where they are seeing it.

In-Game Advertising
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81% of 16 to 24-year-olds play online games, playing for over 7 hours every week. 

With our network of over 5,000 Android and iOS games, using In-Game Advertising is a compelling way to reach Gen-Z through various options. 

In-Game Advertising offers a branding opportunity that is unrivalled in terms of exposure and awareness. And with click-through rates upwards of 5% in most cases, campaigns are proving to be highly effective.

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We have found Fonemedia really helpful and easy to work with. We love being able to target so specifically and have received excellent results from our campaigns. We will definitely be working with them again.
Maria Khan
Admissions & Marketing Manager, Scarborough Sixth Form College

Clearing 2024

99% of students own a mobile and are most susceptible to mobile online advertising. Grab their attention with our specifically tailored Clearing packages to ensure your brand is put directly in the hands of engaged students, parents and/or influencers.

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