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Our mobile devices have been the go-to device for the last decade to research the subject that matter to our families and us.

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The Fonemedia team have worked with a wide variety of public sector clients to help them to achieve remarkable results, from fostering campaigns to public health. Our Public Sector clients have found Rich Media and Video mobile advertising formats deliver elevated levels of engagement for their awareness campaigns.

By engaging with key audiences through behavioural and contextual targeting, we can deliver awareness and engagement at an unprecedented level.

Case Study | Release the Pressure
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We worked closely with Kent County Council on a mental health support campaign, ‘Release the Pressure’.  

The campaign delivered over 100,000 completed views, more than 8,000 clicks and an average CTR of 2.93%.  

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"We chose Fonemedia as our mobile marketing agency as they have a good breadth and depth to targeting options to reach the audiences we wanted for a specific campaign.

We found mobile marketing to be a really effective channel and will use it again. The process was easy to set up and produced effective results. 

The Fonemedia team was responsive and accommodating, giving important feedback during the campaign and good, speedy evaluation post-campaign results."
Gemma Smith
Campaigns & Communications Manager, Public Health, Kent County Council

Ministry of Mobile

The Ministry of Mobile is our in-house training centre; this resource is available to all of our client teams in addition to their own clients. Increase your understanding and knowledge to put together campaign plans and make recommendations in this rapidly changing market.

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