Mobile is the most prolific method of engaging with new employers.

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Over 50% of us will turn to our mobiles to find a new opportunity. Mobile is rapidly becoming the most effective way to drive new talent to your business.  

Read our case study which showcases innovative strategies. Discover below how our updated products deliver even more effective results tailored to your recruitment needs:

Case Study | Redwood Recruitment
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Redwood are experienced, skilled carpentry contractors, providing both labour-only and complete package carpentry services for commercial clients across Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire. They work on Residential Developments, Commercial Constructions, Leisure and Healthcare projects. Redwood was looking to expand its team due to the increased workload.

Fonemedia suggested a Mobile Direct campaign with detailed geo-targeting. Ring-fencing 20-mile radius of Chelmsford to find the right audience, over-laying geo-targeting with people who have shown online behaviours and interests; furthermore, targeting people with keywords fitting the self-employed carpenter's profile.

The campaign generated a broad reach within the audience delivering 175,337 impressions which generated 1,780 clicks, resulting in a 1.02% CTR.

"Very happy with what Fonemedia were able to do. I was kept in the loop with hot the campaign was going, and above all else - it worked extremely well! Within a few weeks I had two well-qualified new hires and based on the next 6 months of booked activity will represent a 7.4x ROI!"
- Micheal Bell, Director of Redwood Carpentry


    Each of our mobile advertising formats lends itself to recruitment marketing via different targeting approaches. Our experienced team can guide you on the best approach for your campaign, as mobile marketing is best adapted on a case-by-case basis for the best results. For example:

    Mobile Plus
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    Using Mobile DNA to determine demographic, behavioural, and geographic criteria, we deliver click-able banner advertising inventory to an incredibly targeted audience.

    • Mobile Plus allows us to find candidates for your campaign and drive them to your careers page.
    • Cost-effective, targeted, and accurate - advertising doesn’t get much better for this.
    Mobile Platinum
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    Using pre-built, Experian, third-party and bespoke audiences we can precisely find and target the people you want to reach and display advertising to them.

    • This format is an extremely powerful and accurate way to reach audiences who are working in a competitor's offices or to engage with candidates who are attending a job fair or other events.
    • Right people, right place, right time
    Mobile Stories
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    Deliver a three-phased advert to potential applicants. This format is ideal for capturing initial interest and prompting potential applicants to complete an application. 

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    They are experts in their field and go above and beyond to understand your brand, audience. They deliver impactful campaigns with great results. Each team member is credit to their agency
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    Ministry of Mobile

    The Ministry of Mobile is our in-house training centre; this resource is available to all our client teams and their clients. Increase your understanding and knowledge to create campaign plans and make recommendations in this rapidly changing market.

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