Mobile Audio | New Product Launch

Live radio listening time is down 12%. However, music/podcast services have more than doubled their market share from 8% to 20%.

Given the rise of online audio consumption, Fonemedia is delighted to introduce our latest advertising format, Mobile Audio.

Over 36% of adults listen to music streaming services online, and 20% now listen to a podcast at least once a week.

Mobile Audio ads are served between songs while there are no distractions, and your audience is focused on what you have to say.
Reach millions of active listeners in any environment, anytime during the day.

When your audience is listening to a podcast on a long drive or listening to music while doing the household chores, we can get your brand noticed by the right people at the right time.


Whilst Mobile Audio is primarily used as an awareness campaign format, you can complement your ad with a clickable link so listeners can tap to visit your site, app or online destination. 

Our team also suggests including exclusives or promotional codes in your ad; Listeners will often be multi-tasking; when they can’t reach their mobile device, consider another way to encourage a response that doesn’t require a click or tap.


To find out more, contact your account manager at Fonemedia or get in touch here.

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