Say Hello to Mobile Platinum

As part of our product line-up changes, we’re proud to introduce our most powerful addition yet- Mobile Platinum.

Over a year in the making, we couldn’t be happier to finally introduce this into our core product offering.

Mobile Platinum is the most targeted product Fonemedia has ever offered, and I'm so proud of what we've been able to package into a single offering, especially at the price point we're offering it at.

Nicola Taylor- Business Development Director

Mobile Platinum embraces all the targeting features of our highly popular product, Mobile Plus, along with additional, dynamic targeting, including:

·      Experian targeting - Thanks to our partnership with this company we now have access to over 50 million UK adult data records as well as the ability to precisely target the defined audience, ultimately enhancing the reach of the campaign.

·      Third-party audience targeting - Tapping into data from third-party audience providers we know and trust- these audiences are pre-built and can be very specific allowing better insights, enriching campaigns, and driving results with data we couldn’t collect ourselves. These third-party providers are selected based on what we deem as the most relevant for the client’s brief so you can be sure all data collection will be specific to you and your campaign.

·      Bespoke audience model targeting - This allows us to custom-build the perfect audience model for your campaign, including:

o   Custom Affinity Audiences: Built based on a combination of keywords URLs and/or apps. These capture the audience when they are interested in offering (‘affinity’ stage).

o   Custom Intent Audiences: Built based on a combination of keywords and URLs. These capture users while they are in the ‘in-market’ stage, meaning they are at their highest chance of converting.

With all these strategies at your disposal, you can be sure your ad spend is being used most constructively, to achieve remarkable outcomes.

If you’re interested in hearing more about Mobile Platinum, the strategies and how they can benefit your campaigns and advertising efforts, our sales team are always on hand to assist.

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